I’m farming and I grow it

A screen snap shot of the beginning of the you tube video called I'm Farming and I Grow It by the Peterson brothers in KansasBy now many of us have watched the Peterson Brothers of Kansas in their takeoff on LMFAO’s I’m Sexy and I Know It. The Petersons raise cattle, wheat, irrigated corn and alfalfa and essentially are promoting a rural midwestern work ethic and clean living. They do a nice job.


Agricultural production, however, is not monolithic. Farmers do not all use the same methods for tillage, weed suppression, and soil conservation. There are a number of folks experimenting with organic crop production, cover crops, crop rotations, and local marketing. The big challenges I see down the road for us in the countryside are

1. How to preserve our beautiful rich topsoil.

2. How to preserve water quality.

3. How to raise food sustainably for the long run.

We read, for example, about the glyphosate (glyphosate is the active ingredient in Round-Up) resistance that is emerging in our corn and soybean fields. How will we prevent these superweeds from taking over our fields?


What role should Round-Up ready seed play in our agriculture if glyphosate resistance becomes wide-spread?


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