Watching the weather in the countryside

Out in the country we are very weather conscious even if farming is not our main source of income. Weather is more immediate here since we are less protected from the elements than town or city people are. We keep track of rainfall, snowfall, and temperature since we are directly influenced by those weather elements. We are in drought conditions here in central Iowa, down about 12 inches on subsoil moisture; our crops require substantial spring rains after the frost goes out of the soil, to replenish our moisture.

In the rain gauge below you can see that we had .6″ of rain (we had more, but I didn’t put the gauge up in time to catch all of it) and that there is some heavy wet snow still clinging to the north side of the rain gauge. We got about 2″ of snow last night too.


Winter weather brings beautiful scenes to the country as well as you can see in the photo from a couple of years ago.


Early in the morning, looking to the East after a cold frosty night.


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