rain gauges, one isn’t enough!

2.1 inches of rain

The farm rain gauge showing 2.1 inches of rain. The farm rain gauge is 1/2 mile from the house, but often the rain amounts are different between the two locations.

Our farm got some very welcome rain this past week. This was the first good, soaking rain we’ve had since July 2012.

We have two rain gauges – one at the farm – and one at the house. The farm is only 1/2 mile away, but as you can see it can make a difference! The rain gauge at the farm is showing 2.1 inches and at the house we had 1.9.

It is all welcome!

Rain gauge at the house showing 1.9 inches of rain.

The rain gauge at the house shows 1.9 inches of rain after 4 days of very welcome on and off rain in early April.


One Response

  1. One of the phrases we hear in the country side is “Rain makes grain.” In other words, corn and soybean yields benefit from adequate moisture in the soil. This growing season, 2013, is particularly important since we went into the winter about 12 inches to the negative in our subsoil moisture. The creeks were dry in some places and the tiles weren’t running. Now at least the creeks are flowing and some tiles are dripping.

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