Garden produce

We have had an interesting year for growing fruit and vegetables. We had too much rain earlier and now in July and August not enough. (See our earlier posts about rain last spring.) In addition, I have not kept ahead of the weeds this year, but we are still getting some good food out of the garden. The peaches, as you can see, are small this year, but insect free. The peppers are doing well (Poblano, Jalapeno, and Bell), the tomatoes are good, potatoes are good, though they didn’t yield well, and we have had some zucchini, but not much.

The garlic was a nearly total failure this year due to a new garlic disease brought on, apparently, by the Potato Leaf Hopper, an insect that normally attacks alfalfa. I have ordered 35 pounds of new garlic seed from a producer in New York state. The sweet potatoes are weedy, so I’m not sure what they will yield. The kale has recovered from the attack of the Japanese Beetle and is yielding again.


My garden produce on August 15. Notice the box is from Carrisol, a Spanish agri-business (Agrios El Carril) that markets clementines in the United States. I prefer the local produce that the boxes are holding, though I admit having nice citrus available in the winter time in Iowa is very pleasant.


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  1. The tyranny of produce! I received a bucket of peaches, peppers (bell and banana), tomatoes, and something that looked exactly like a fat zucchini. I spent a whole morning peeling and pitting tiny peaches for a cobbler, and chopping and stir-frying the veggies, so we could enjoy everything before it went bad. The “zucchini” was not what it appeared to be. Yes, it was some kind of squash, but it had a hard rind and a more yellow flesh, with bigger seeds. I ended up peeling it AFTER I had cut it up for stir-fry. It all tastes good, but I’m glad I’m not facing that task more often.

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