On a good solar day, we approved an oil pipeline

On a day when my PV array (6 solar panels) produced an above average output (9.84 kWh), our un-elected 3-person panel at the Iowa Utilities Board (Nick Wagner, Marion; Geri Huser, Altoona; and Elizabeth (Libby) Jacobs, West Des Moines) approved the building of the Bakken pipeline through our state. Instead of looking forward to reducing our carbon footprint, they have encouraged further use of petroleum of the dirtiest kind, fracked oil from the Bakken fields in North Dakota, a part of which is home to the Affiliated Tribes of North Dakota (Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara).

In one of the most meaningful statements after the shameful pronouncement, Tribal elder Donald Wanatee, of the Sac and Fox community in Iowa, wearing his war bonnet, made a statement in opposition to building the pipeline. As opposition advocates said afterward, the fight to stop the pipeline is not over yet. Nearly 300 landowners in Iowa have refused the dirty money of Energy Transfer Partners so many of them are expected to fight eminent domain take-over of their farms in court. According to Wally Taylor, an attorney in the case, the legal fight will begin within 30 days at the Polk County District Court.


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