The most popular beer in my neighborhood

From time to time I pick up cans and bottles in the ditches around my house. (There is no lack of junk in our rural ditches.) Today on my morning run I noticed a lot of junk in the ditches, so I went back out in my truck to pick them up. Here are the results:


Cans and bottles i collected on February 6.

Coors Light 6
Busch Light 3
Bud Light 3
Michelob Ultra 1
Pepsi 2
Mountain Dew 2
Monster 1
Red Bull 1
Mike’s Harder 1
Gold Peak 1
Powerade 1
Red Bull 1

In this completely UNscientific sample, we see that (1) beer is more popular than soda pop, (2) of the beer, Coors Light is most popular, (3) of the soda pop, Pepsi and Mountain Dew are equally popular, (4) energy drinks and soda pop are equally popular, and (5) iced tea, hard cider, and Powerade are least popular.


One Response

  1. All the beer is “light.” Is all the soda “diet”? Looks like the litterers are a little bit health-conscious at least. And the water-drinkers take care of their empties!

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