Spring chicks and shearing the ewes

In about the 3rd year, my laying hens go into semi retirement, so I have to buy replacement hens. These 2-week old chicks are the replacements for my Black Australorps. These Red Sex Link birds should start laying eggs in late July or early August.


These are two-week old chicks under a red heat lamp. They need some additional heat and protection when they are small. We keep them in the basement for the first few weeks.


The other spring time task is shearing the ewes in preparation for lambing. We sheared on March 15 this year.

Interesting to note that even though the local wool market stinks, there is a new woolen mill in Fosston, Minnesota that is paying a decent price for wool and it is finding a market for its woolen products.


Sheared and unsheared or is it shorn and unshorn?


The fleeces go into the wool bag. All 10 fleeces fit into the bag. The fleeces were probably around 5-8 lbs each. The wool market stinks right now. I just got my check for the 2012 and 2013 fleeces: $51.82. That doesn’t even pay for the shearing costs.


Half shorn. That is a nice looking fleece.


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