Baltimore Orioles are here!

oriole maleThe striking orange Baltimore Orioles have arrived. In past years we’ve had as many as three pairs nesting in our bird neighborhood. This is the first male I’ve seen this year. Hopefully in the next several days others will arrive. Several years ago, someone told me to put out orange halves to attract Orioles and it works. They love oranges. Apparently there are oranges where they winter and they acquire a taste for them. Putting the orange half in a suet feeder works well. After you’ve got the Orioles coming to your yard you might have to replace the orange every day or so.

The Oriole nest is a bag hanging high in a tree. It swings with the wind, and is well hidden by leaves and branches. By watching the birds carefully you might be able to figure out where the nest is. Check out the Cornell Lab of Ornithology lab for more information.


Bird watching

We have been having a lot of fun keeping track of the birds we see at our feeders, and in the area. Lee has a bird book at his place at the breakfast table. He also has a notebook handy to keep track of what birds we see at what time of year. In the early spring we see a lot of migratory birds. That’s fun. We watch the birds eating from our five bird feeders while we sit at our table by the window.

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